Drum Lessons

Copy or Create? Learn how to learn.

What do you want to do with the drums?  Have you reached a creative plateau? Do you want to just copy someone, or do you want to know to create? I can help.

Most drum teachers hold your hand and show you exactly how to play a beat or fill. There’s nothing wrong with learning specific fills, beats, and/or licks, but as an artist, you don’t want to copy what your drum teacher is doing, you want to CREATE and DEVELOP your own material.  Anyone can teach a fill or lick, but not many can show you how to be creative. My teaching is heavily based on Gary Chaffee’s system (at least part of it; it never really ends), and I’ve had great success with showing drummers what to do with what they know. 

Some of my students have toured the world, been featured in drum magazines, been accepted into the music school of their choice, and two of them have gone on to the grand finals of the Guitar Center Drum Off competition in Hollywood, California. Some of my students have never played outside of their basement or garage, but enjoy exploring the instrument and just want to learn how to learn. I am passionate about teaching students of all skills levels, no matter how big or small their goals may be.

Drum Teaching Studio

My teaching studio is located in sunny Boynton Beach, Florida. If you can’t make it here, we can have lessons via Skype or Facetime. Planning a vacation to south Florida and want to schedule some time to develop your creativity? Students from all over the country regularly include a lesson as part of their itinerary.  Contact me and let me know when you’ll be in town.

My studio includes amenities to accommodate all levels of drummers and students including:
  • Three Full Drum Sets
  • HD and 4K Video Cameras
  • Two Computers
  • PA System
  • Recording Capabilities
  • Library of Instructional Drum Books & Videos

Advanced concepts in reading, writing, phrasing and motion as applied to all styles of music, designed to encourage creativity and define your own individual style!

Contact me today to get started! I look forward to drumming with you.